3 Ways to Use New Tech to Buy Your Next Home

New technologies are all around, and they’re helping advance the way we live in ways that might seem more complicated, but ultimately make our lives easier. As a result, real estate and the process of buying homes has become much more smooth.

Here are three new ways to use these new technologies to more find your dream home.

1. Check YouTube

Seriously. You’d be surprised how many people are using video-sharing sites to do walk-throughs of their homes for sale. Since they are, you can save yourself a lot of time if you can take a few virtual tours in your pajamas!

2. Bring your smartphone and use it

When you’re house-shopping, bring your smartphone and use it to look up everything instantly — from property tax rates to nearby criminal activity, as well as the websites that measure how many attractions are within walking distance. Smartphones are handy and powerful tools, so use them!

3. Expect (and find) an expert in the exact neighborhood you want to live

Depending on how old you are and the size of your purchase expectations are regarding large purchases, it might be a error to assume you have to settle for a one-size-fits-all real estate agent. Thanks to today’s improved search engine algorithms and review sites, you don’t have to settle for the large and mediocre real estate services of the past.

For example, if you search for “New York City real estate agents,” you’re going to get the huge powerhouse agents who can afford to pay the advertising fees it takes to finish at the top of the rankings. They’re apt to take advantage of their position by promising to be an expert in every neighborhood imaginable.

But is this really what you want? An agent who promises to be good at every single neighborhood in New York? Is that really possible?

It probably isn’t. Instead, go ahead and utilize the long-tail nature and other advanced capabilities of today’s search engines, and search for information in the exact neighborhood you want to live in. If that’s Hell’s Kitchen, then search for local information and real estate blogs that name that particular region, and you’ll likely find a seasoned sales agent who actually understands the area well.

That person is more likely to know what a good deal is, and this could save you thousands of dollars.

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