Top 5 Best PowerPoint Alternatives for iPad

PowerPoint is the best software that is used for creating and editing your presentations. However, with the tight schedules of office meetings and conferences, it becomes very difficult to invest the required amount of time to create, edit or proofread presentations for many business executives. If you are one of such people, you must always feel that the time you spend in travelling and commuting could have been much better utilized had you been able to work on your presentations during that time. However, if you own an iPad, and you do not have access to a desktop or a laptop, you must feel unable to utilize that time because iPad does not support Microsoft Office. Therefore, here is a list of the top five best PowerPoint alternatives for iPad.


The most popular alternative provided by Apple for PowerPoint is Keynote. It is also supported on Mac. Keynote is a fully feature rich presentation tool that definitely puts PowerPoint to shame. It excels PowerPoint in that it provides presentations in which the transition between the slides is much smoother and the application itself is much better looking than Microsoft PowerPoint. The templates provided in Keynote are also much better looking and well designed. However, a better collection of templates would have been better and you will have to have either an iPad or a Mac or both in order to use this application.


Prezi provides the user with a radically different perspective on creating, editing and proofreading presentations. When you use Prezi, you will find that instead of having to create individual slides for your presentation, you are provided with a large canvas that offers you almost infinite scope of zooming in. the slides that you create appear as you zoom closer into the canvas and out of the static image created by you. This is a well designed application and is very smooth to use. This is a free software that is bound to polish off your reputation in showing that you were actually smart enough to create presentations independent of PowerPoint.

Presentation Link

Presentation Link is an application that helps you to do exactly what you would generally expect of any normal presentation tool. This includes helping you to work easily with images, audios and videos. You can also add hyperlinks to independent icons or buttons as well as text. You no longer will feel the need to move from one slide to the other sequentially. This is the best tool for educational diagrams and sales presentations.


Presentation is an application that is designed mainly for sales representatives. It provides the user with a huge collection of predesigned templates. Although you are not allowed to customize the layout and several other features, it is useful for creating simple presentations without hassles.

Conference Pad

Even considering one severe limitation, Conference Pad has a very interesting and impressive feature. The bad news is that you are only allowed to show PDF files. There are no options for creating transitions, animations or graphs. However, on the up side, it allows you to have control over up to 15 other iOS devices that run Conference Pad.

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