7 Best Tech Companies To Work For In 2013

There are highly sophisticated and dedicated companies which make the traditional jobs of 9 to 5 look outdated. You will get a sneak peak of the same. The website has abundant of relevant and detailed information which help you towards turning fortunes in your favor.After all, the top companies knew exactly that the satisfaction of employees is through imparting the best service apart from delivering world class products and services as well. As a result, increasing numbers of people are browsing the site and making quick and easy buck thereby, easing themselves like never before. On the same lines, following are the best tech companies which will give you endless reasons to work for in 2013 as their service and products are also the best among the rest.


CEO Approval: Mark Zuckerberg- 99%

Rating of the company- 4.7

Facebook is responsible towards bringing revolution as it has given endless reasons for the people to communicate with each other. Hence, a new trend has been set up among one and all.

#2-Riverbed Technologies

CEO Approval: Jeremy Kennelly- 96%

Rating of the company- : 4.5

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Riverbed Technologies stands out to be a leader in the IT industry. It is responsible for developing enriching cloud computing along with disaster recovery for companies.


CEO Approval: Larry Page- 94%

Rating of the company- : 4.3

Google has given us innovative and enriching reasons to see as well as use information. There has been a sea change since its inception which was done by three friends. Their main motive was to get better search results. However, it grew itself in an enormous world of internet. Features which have carved a niche for itself are its exemplary office design, games, food along with having opportunities for employees to take a nap as well. Hence, thanks to the changing times, every day has indeed become fun for the staff associated with such an esteemed company.

#4-National Instruments

CEO Approval: James Truchard- 100%

Rating of the company- : 4.2

National Instruments was instrumental towards setting up the Virtual Instrumentation Technology in India. Having research and development centre in the city of Bangalore, it is renowned for providing India specific solutions to the burgeoning problems which the faced by the engineers of the country.


CEO Approval: Jeff Weiner- 91%

Rating of the company- : 4.1

If there is the largest online community for professionals, it has to be the LinkedIn. Since, it stands out to be the one of the greatest tools for establishing connections with your colleagues and others.


CEO Approval: Paul Otellini- 90%

Rating of the company- : 3.9

Intel gives the biggest reason for you to be able to read the article on the desktop. It has stood out to be the pioneer in computer chips which has indeed made our lives so simpler and easier. Hence, it is undoubtedly a market leader in computing.


CEO Approval: Aneel Bhusri,

Rating of the company- : 4.0

Workday is highly proficient and specialized in cloud computing for bigger organizations. It gives a perfect and everlasting solution for human resource management. There is an atmosphere of  fun and frolic as it helps in keeping the staff rejuvenated to the core as well.

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