Best Graphic Novels and Comic book apps for your iPad

The major use of iPad or any other Tablets that are exists in the market are best suited for the reading books. If you love reading Novels or other things, then having a tablet is really beneficial. There are many applications that are available in the market, which helps us to read comics and other stuff in our iPad. There are more than 7 million applications that are available in the Apple’s iStore and the number is growing rapidly. However Android is giving serious competition, but recent iOS7 release was well accepted and appreciated all-round the world.


I guess most of you might be aware of the graphic novels. In this article, I’m going to focus on some of the best Graphic Novel apps and Comic book reader apps that are available for your iPad.

#1. Comics
It is rated as one of the best Comic book reading iPad apps by NYT. This application holds strong library base of over 30000+ books. You can find latest Marvel Novels like Iron Man, The Avengers, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Thor, etc. It even includes the comics like Disney, DC Comics, Image Comics, IDW, etc., and I guess this is one of the best applications that a Comic reader loves to have on the iPad. It is available for free and this application is also available from Android users as well. <iStore>

#2. CIA : Operation Ajax
If you want to experience the new way of Revolutionary Graphic Novel on your iPad, then CIA : Operation Ajax is the application that serves your need. The application gives the true story of the CIA backed coup, about Iran’s democracy in 1953. It combines exciting multimedia functionalities and gives greatest possible reading experience. <iStore>

#3. Top Shelf Productions
Top Shelf is having a decent library of Graphic Novels and you just download them from their library. It is an independent acclaimed publisher of the graphic novels in United States.  It manages to bring every possible thing that a Graphic Novel lover dreams of having, the library is capable of satisfying people of any age to fall in love with this application. <iStore>

#4. iBooks
It is yet another application that helps us to download and read books in our iPad. You just need to browse your library which is framed really beautiful and tap on the book that you wish to read from that bookshelf, you can also do other stuff like adding notes, bookmarking, etc. This application allows us to read Comics as well as Graphic Novels and it can render the text written in 18 languages. The built in search functionality is extra asset that you have to consider. <iStore>

These are some of the best Graphic Novel and Comic Applications that are available for you in the iStore.

Guest Post by Siddartha thota, who loves you test and write about various applications of iOS/Android. You can check out his blog –

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