Big 2 Bonanza Card Game

Are you an card gaming freak? Do you love playing card games? then you need to checkout Big 2 Bonanza an facebook application. Localocogames has just launched BETA version of their card game on facebook app and named it Big 2 Bonanza though it has very less features in the BETA version but still it can get you lots of fun and entertainment.

Big 2 Bonanza Card Game

Big 2 Bonanza is actually a simple cards game, 4 people participate together in this card game with regular fifty two cards veranda the spot that the only two Spades could be the maximum rating cards. Every single gamer have to toss the cards will begin through the most competitive cards importance (3 diamonds) and the an individual that handles in order to toss most playing cards intended for the very first time could be the winner.

This game is very popular is Asian countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, etcJust start to play Big 2 bonanza on facebook this card game is just freaking awesome you will fall in love.You can also like big 2 bonanza fan page and join their community on facebook.

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