Basic Blog Tips To Increase Your Traffic Instantly

The news of getting increasing traffic cannot get bigger and better for a blogger and it is indeed termed to be the backbone as well. As the traffic increases, it boosts the ranking of blog in search engines. There are certain blogging tips which you need to follow in order to enhance your blog traffic like never before.Best 5 Tips To Increase Your Traffic Instantly to your blog or website.

Increase Website Traffic

Following are the enriching and effective tips which will surely work wonders for you:-

#1-Use Word Press

WordPress is regarded to be the best blogging platform. After all, it offers content management system and is an open source blogging tool that is greatly and conveniently used for building websites. Unlike Dreamweaver and HTML Coding, it offers an easy way in building a blog. You equally get higher rankings with WordPress blogs on search engines than Google Blogger, Tumbler etc.

#2-Use Good SEO Plugins

WordPress is SEO friendly. It offers the best platform for you towards building informative portals and has various plug-ins which assists you in easy optimization of your blog. You can avail the best service by using WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin for doing SEO. For better optimization of your blog, you can buy a premium SEO Pressor plugin. It is familiar and known for giving you the SEO score of your blog post. Hence, this will give you the luxury of getting good rankings for a specific keyword on Search Engine.

#3-Use fast loading theme

It is wise to add professional theme on your WordPress blog among the endless number of themes which are available. Either go for Thesis or Genesis Frameworks which are paid or if you want free then go for Swift Basic. The reason for you to go with such themes is that they are synonymous with various features. Hence, they equally take far less time to load the page. Therefore, increasing numbers of people will go for site that loads quicker over others.

#4-Customize 404 Error Pages

Customization of 404 Error Pages should be done in such a way that it looks attractive to blog visitors. In the event, a person getting a 404 error page then he is supposed to click on another link in the blog rather than closing the window of the blog and browsing for another site. Hence, it will give much needed exposure to the esteemed blog by decreasing the bounce rate of your blog. Hence, you prevent losing your precious traffic in the process as well.

#5- Adding share buttons to your blog post

WordPress has various social sharing plugins. It is highly recommended to add social sharing buttons on your blog as it will give much needed exposure to blog readers on a wide platform. Needless to say, that social sharing buttons help towards enhancing the traffic of blog, thereby, it will increase the search ranking of the same as well.  Finally, after reading the aforesaid article, you are going to get much needed assistance which will help your website in reaching further horizons.

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