Tech Updates

Rail nation is a popular online game launched by Travian Games. This multiplayer strategy game involves transport simulation (railroad simulation), and comes free on the web browser. You can register yourself for free in few simple steps and start your own railway company. Though, you are free to spend some cash and upgrade to premium […]

A WhatsApp messenger has presented a totally new look to the way that people send and receive text messages from each other. Many employees prefer using a WhatsApp messenger to keep in constant contact with their co-workers. Being extremely easy to use with a minimal cost, employees love using this app. With most of your […]

Its been quite a long time, since I posted something interesting last time on my site. So I have got you all a small infographic quiz on Micromanager. Which will be very easy for you to go through the infographic with 10 questions with multiple choose answers. The answers you choose shows your knowledge about […]

Looking for an infographic which could make your project a huge success? As a project manager every individual faces this situation where one has to make the project to deliver excellent results and exceed the expectations. Below is an beautiful infographic which depicts 10 easy steps to make a project great success. This great infographic […]

This year till now, has been a good start for most of the new and upcoming startups. But these startups should always take care of things which can go wrong and stop them from the track of growth. So here I have come up with a infographic which can help most of the startups to […]

The telecom industry has reached its peak of digitalization. And now Mobile phones have become the all means of communications with Internet access.   And adding to that, Mobile recharge industry has laid a red carpet to all of us rendering each & every service fulfilled at your finger tips just by getting online on mobiles.   […]

Something that didn’t change from the childhood days to till today its the world of gaming. The gaming technology has been growing from the earlier days from video games to today’s online games. Games are of much more fun and interesting which can be played at any age and there are plenty of games available […]

Today’s young generation is most of the time busy listening to music on their iPods or smartphones using the headphones. Its not just about the youngsters, Headsets have become an integral part of everyone’s daily life and they have changed the way we used to listen music in earlier days. It becomes an tough task […]