Tech Updates

The trend of android smartphones had already became popular in the mid of 2012 and from then it still continues to fight against its biggest competitor in the market iOS. Google had launched its new and updated version of android operating system KitKat 4.4. Android, an operating system which serves over 1 billion smartphones and tablets […]

Today personal computers and smartphones have become quiet popular and widely used devices by the people around the globe. Have you ever just thought of looking back, how these devices and technologies started in their initial stage 25 years ago. This infographic will tell you about the evolution of personal computers and network computing, step […]

Are you new to Mac? Have you just recently purchased your first Mac computer? Then this post will be more interesting and useful to you. Every Mac newbie faces lots of difficulties with the shortcut keys when comparing to an windows PC. You might find it little tough in the initial stages when using Mac […]

Firedrive is a free cloud storage service website that allows you to share, store and manage your personal and professional files on cloud. Firedrive offers secure cloud storage & easy to upload features by which you can use this superb cloud storage service Firedrive from any part of the world. Next thing, which I like […]

One of the most unforgettable moments of our life are always whenever we lose something really precious it may be losing our important data when the system or external USB hard drive gets crashed or corrupted or Or something which is very close to our heart, leaves us when we need it the most in our […]

New technologies are all around, and they’re helping advance the way we live in ways that might seem more complicated, but ultimately make our lives easier. As a result, real estate and the process of buying homes has become much more smooth. Here are three new ways to use these new technologies to more find […]

The future of technology is quickly catching up to us, no matter where you turn. With so many new gadgets and access to information, it is hard to keep up with some time. Looking ahead to the new year in technology, there is much to get excited about. While Bitcoin is headed towards extinction, Apple […]

Do you love making websites? Yup, who doesn’t, even I love to create websites for clients & professionals. In this internet fantasy world, everyone wants to have a pixel perfect website that will help them attract more visitors and gather a larger audience. Just having great content alone on your website won’t help you earn […]