The main aim of a web hosting service is to allow websites to connect to the internet and become accessible to people at large. They provide the server and the connection to the internet such that the website can be used by people all over the globe.

First let me tell you What is Shared Hosting and VPS? And their importance for the webmasters and website owners.Virtual Private Server was brought into action when the online industry started to grow enormously to new level with more extra added features and new latest technologies.In shared hosting,you’re hosted on a single server with thousands […]

Finally the Dooms day 21 Dec 2012 is here today…Dooms Day,the end of the world has started the day with a fantastic bang.Most of the webhosting companies have come out with some exciting offers to cheer up all the consumers and make them happy.Hostgator the leading webhosting service provider has come out with Dooms Day-The […]