We all know that external USB hard drive comes handy which is very easy to store our important data and information which is useful for many things from our personal to professional life and those secondary devices are simple to carry anywhere that easily fits our pockets or purses wherever we want to take them […]

Along with the leading mobile operating systems like Android and IOS, Windows has made its mark with the ultimate releases of their Windows Smartphone versions with Nokia.So we have brought you the Top 5 Free Windows Phone Apps for your smartphone.Windows has given tough competition to IOS and Android OS with its GUI and collection of […]

Storage arrays typically come in two flavors: HDD (traditional hard disk drives) and SSD storage (solid state drives). While each has its own pros and cons, a third option involves hybrid solid state drive arrays. By combining the two technologies, hybrid storage arrays take advantage of each disk type’s strengths while minimizing their weaknesses. As […]

Recently Hp has come out with lots of slim laptops and named them as Sleekbook.Hp Sleekbooks are more orless similar to the modern ultrabooks which are weightless and easy to carry.Hp Sleekbook-14 b012au model comes preloaded with the latest operating system Windows 8 Standard which has been recently hit the markets.This small and sleek laptop […]