Done With Poor Cell Phone Tracking Software? Try StealthGenie

Tired this cell phone tracking software and that but got nothing but disappointment? If you have been cheated on your money by some of these scam tracking apps, then don’t lose heart- the world is not that bleak yet. My readers thank me for salvaging them by recommending this super-fast tracker software StealthGenie. The acceptance rate is 9 to 1.

What Should You Expect Out of a Cell Tracker?

It’s not like some cell phone tracking software will let do anything miraculous or pure heroic; but a good one will certainly keep you informed so you can play your cards wisely. Whether or not to fire a suspicious employee, how is your kid doing at school, and other questions like this will be answered quite accurately owing to a mobile tracking app. It will help you in tracking the whereabouts and other mobile usage stats of your kids or employees.


StealthGenie- a Sneak Peak:

StealthGenie is the much talked about cell phone tracking software at the moment and as I have tested and tried it myself, I can say it pretty much satisfy the conditions mentioned above.  It is undetectable or sure but only has slight issues only rarely. So overall, it’s decent enough cell phone tracking software.

What not to Miss about StealthGenie?

Apart from the regular features like monitoring SMS, e-mails, chats and viewing gallery items,   web history and contacts, there are some power features that StealthGenie offers. These features add te real glam to StealthGenie. These features include:

WhatsApp, iMessage and BlackBerry Messenger Chats :

With StealthGenie, you an even check what your kids or employees talk about over WhatsApp, iMessage or BlackBerry Messenger chats. This is an advanced feature not offered by many other cell phone tracking software.


You can stay in the know without doing a thing. Trigger alerts that you pre-define will let you know the instant your kids or employees use the specified contacts, e-mails or words in SMS. You can also know instantly when they change their SIM cards.

GPS Tracking:

StealthGenie also offers advanced GPS tracking and location history features. Now you can even know all the places they visited and taking which route.


This unique feature lets the user record phone surroundings and calls. It’s automatic so you can listen to the recording whenever you have to or want to.

The Final Word:

So my vote is for the Genie. This cell phone tracking software definitely deserves a chance. So if you are done using all the faulty apps, don’t lose all the faith in remote tracking and give StealthGenie a shot. It will not let you down- take my word for it!

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