Must Know Delete Tips For Every Mac Newbie

Are you new to Mac? Have you just recently purchased your first Mac computer? Then this post will be more interesting and useful to you. Every Mac newbie faces lots of difficulties with the shortcut keys when comparing to an windows PC. You might find it little tough in the initial stages when using Mac but trust me you’ll be soon familiar with the shortcut keys.

The below infographic clearly shows the differences of deleting files using shortcut keys between the normal PC and a Mac. Its easy to move a file to recycle bin by just dragging the file to recycle bin whereas in Mac you have to right click on the file and select Move to trash. When you want to delete a file in a normal PC you can do it by selecting the file and clicking the “delete” key in the keyboard but in the Mac you have to select the file and click “command key plus delete key” in the keyboard to delete the selected file.

The above lines were shortcut keys used to delete a file only moves it to recycle bin whereas to delete a file permanently you have to click “shift+delete” key in keyboard for normal PC but in Mac you have to select the file and click “shift+command+delete” key to get your file deleted permanently. This operation will empty the trash and recycle bin. In normal PC, to delete a character from right to left we click backspace key in the keyboard where as in Mac we have to click on delete key in the keyboard.

delete operations between pc and mac
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