Download Top 5 Free Games for Windows 7

Nothing is better than playing an interesting game on your pc/laptop. Whenever I get plenty of time I start playing some of my favorite games on laptop. There are many things available in the game which keeps you busy. And the most important, to play such games you do not need to go anywhere. Whether you tired of work or getting bored or stuck in a house for a day, you can please yourself by playing such games. If you are a user of Windows 7 operating system then here we bring out something for you. Here we will outline the Top 5 Free Games to Download for Windows 7 platform. Click the link mentioned after every game description to download it.

Top Free Games to Download for Windows 7:

Assassin’s Creed 3

If you want to try something great then the series of Assassin’s Creed is only for you. Every year new part appears in the series of this game and millions of people have been gone through this game. The engine used in the game is AnvilNext which allows screening about 2000 characters at a time. Thus you get an excellent battle which makes your experience really exciting. Throughout the game you will see many historical models. Graphics and intuitive control of game is amazing. Overall the game is ultimate and never allows you to feel boredom. To download Assassin’s Creed click here.


DisHonored is all about first person action game that combines some super natural activities to take revenge. In this game player gets some unusual weapons, gadgets and powers. The concept of the game is very impressive and innovative. Developers tried their best to make this game really worth to play. The combat system allows the player to combine all abilities, supernatural powers and gadgets to make out the way. This game comes at the second position of our list of Top Free Games to Download for Windows 7. To download this game click here:


Far Cry 3

In this game, players step into the shoe of an alone man at the edge of the world and now they need to unfold the stories and win the battle. Several enemies come in their way, in their own sense of right and wrong. The game has a very impressive concept and developer made so much effort which you will realize in the first glance. Far Cry 3 is an impressive game in all way whether its graphics or sound or concept. So, you can download it for your Windows 7 for free by the following link here.

Dead or Alive 5

Do you want to experience the art of martial arts then you are looking for the right game, Dead or Alive 5. The Dead or Alive 5 includes variety of martial arts actions and techniques which takes your height of interest to the peak level. In this game you need to fight with different fighters at striking locations from around the world. This action-packed game is help you to take instant decision and never allows you to feel boredom. You would love to check out this game. This game gets fourth position in our list of Top Free Games to Download for Windows 7.

Sleeping Dogs

Live the life in Hong Kong with your team and face the challenges at strange locations. You fight in your way and other team of cops will try to defeat your enemy the Triads. The game has everything which you want to face such as truth, justice, loyalty, revenge, action and gamble. Overall it’s a hidden crop drama in which you need to hide your real identity. Hong Kong city is your playground in this game and you can enter in illegal race, kickbacks with karaoke’s and do some extreme gun-fights. The game is tough enough, so you will need to practice a lot to be a pro. So, have fun with this game. To download Sleeping Dogs just click here.

So, don’t waste your free time by playing those old games on your pc/laptop. Try something new featuring amazing graphics and excellent gameplay. Enjoy the thrill with some action and adventurous games in your Windows 7 platform pc. Here we listed out the Top 5 Free Games for your Windows 7 and few more are download fruit ninja, super bikes, deadly race and many more download your favorite and check them out. Do let us know if we missed any of your favorite game on Windows 7.

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