Equipment for Modified bitumen & Emulsion Producing

Emulsified asphalt equipment is designed and manufactured by our company can move semi-automatic generation of emulsified asphalt equipment for the production of cationic, anionic emulsified asphalt . The device has a convenient water ratio precision , advanced design , reasonable structure, the calculation is accurate, easy to operate, cutting-edge technology , uniform and stable emulsions finished , small footprint and other advantages, is the best choice for the current production of emulsified asphalt . The device features a powerful supporting high shear grinding efficiency colloid mill, capable of making asphalt emulsion fineness and quality requirements to ensure that the 30 days of emulsified asphalt emulsion stability . Package of equipment and operation of all control cabinet mounted on the base, to form a whole , to facilitate the rapid transfer of the site , you can produce after unloading , without on-site commissioning and installation. GlobeCore offers broad range of products and services for equipments. GlobeCore

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