Bringing Together Facebook and SEO

Do you want to be a part of the biggest social network that is Facebook?

If you do not have a profile or fan page yet, you should start creating one now and take advantage of these amazing facts.

  • As of March 2012, the site has exceeded 900 million active members.

  • Mobile users logging in to Facebook has reached 500 million.

  • It gets 3.2 billion comments and “Likes” each day.

  • There are 300 million images uploaded every day and a record of 750 million during the New Year’s weekend this year.

  • On average, the users stay on the site for over 10.5 billion minutes each day.

  • For each 20 minutes spent on the network site, around 1,000,000 links are shared.

  • On average, fan pages have generated more than 5.30 billion fans.

And then, there is…

  • Officially launched on 22 September 2011 during the F8 Convention, it became available for the users on 22 December 2011.

  • On 24 January 2012, there was an announcement that it would be mandatory for every member and on 31 March 2012, all profiles automatically upgraded to it.

Facebook Timeline is a visual interface that presents your life through a chronological storyboard. You can support your stories with maps and photos. You can even come up with a video of some of your uploaded images using Timeline Movie Maker.

If you wish to reach a big audience through social media, one great solution is to create a Facebook fan page.

Do you want to know why?

Compared to your profile page, which is generally for personal use because of its limited reach (within your network of friends only), the former is ideal for building exposure and credibility for your brand.

Now, whether you already have a fan page or you still have to make one, you can learn to maximise its capacity to grab the attention of your target audience using the following…

SEO Ideas for Facebook

1. Use keywords

Check out this image and take note of the blank fields.

As you are filling these out, always remember to provide complete information about your business or organisation. Furthermore, place niche-relevant keywords. Finally, mention your company’s most important or most popular products or services.

2. Write updates

Always post something on your page. Maybe you can talk about new products, inform other users about an upcoming event, or share your success story. While doing so, do not forget that your updates’ first 18 characters make up the title in search engine results. Therefore, start your posts with important keywords.

You can also embed a link instead of writing on your fan page. If you are going to do this, you have to provide the field “Say something about this link…” with relevant information to make your posts more noticeable. Again, the first 18 characters are crucial, so begin with a well-ranking keyword.

3. Generate backlinks

Do you know that this is possible for both your fan page and official website? If you can post your own webpage link on your social page, you can do it vice versa by placing your Facebook URL on your site.

4. Encourage interaction among your fans

Once you are able to draw the attention of several users, you can motivate participation through polls or contests. You can also post photos or videos and ask for their opinion. Alternatively, you can start a conversation on niche-relevant topics through Facebook’s Discussion Board.

5. Increase your number of “Likes”

You can promote your fan page on your website and urge visitors to become a fan. If you are into hard selling, you can use a plugin that displays a popup “Like” box whenever someone views your webpage.

6. Optimise your Timeline

Given that this new user interface is mandatory for all Facebook pages, you can make the most of it by applying the following tips:

  • Upload a cover photo that represents your company or group well. However, it should consist of price, sale, call-to-action, and contact information. What is more, it should not refer to interface elements (i.e. “Share”, “Like”, etc.).

  • Post a profile picture that conveys your trademark clearly.

  • Emphasise applications that benefit your organisation best.

  • Share your successful stories through photos and highlight these by clicking on the “star” icon.

There you have it. These are the basic (and most important) ways to maximise the reach of your fan page.

Before we end, take this final tip into mind – Explore all Facebook features and functions, so you can make the most of these and use them to your advantage.

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