Finding Suitable Stock Photos For Your Web Marketing

Marketing on the web is now the default for many businesses. Even smaller enterprises are becoming more web savvy. The time and attention they invest into their online marketing campaigns is generating more significant results, and gradually replacing the old offline styles of marketing where budgets are cramped. But marketing online is only as good as your web presence. Too many businesses are still operating with ineffective, poor quality websites. Ugly design, fragmented copy and broken links are still far too common, and they can wreck the perception of your business in the eyes of prospective customers.

The images and stock photos you use on your website can go some way toward redressing this balance. It is important to make sure your website works, and delivers on its core functions. But it is also important that it looks good, so that customers can develop the right perception of your business and the work you do.

The images you choose should be thought of as a combination of being attractive from a design perspective and effective from a marketing perspective. Both can cross over, and they are by no means mutually exclusive. However, they are not always the same thing. Images with faces in them tend to perform more effectively than images with inanimate objects – even where the former is a less attractive shot.

Stock PhotoSimilarly, images that work from a marketing point of view might be short of the aesthetic you would prefer from your marketing. It is all about weighing up these two factors to establish the most suitable photos for use on your website.

You should also give some consideration to the colors and finish of the photos and images you are choosing. Colors need to work well together on the web, and too many contrasting tones can have a confusing visual effect. It is more important to ensure your images are sympathetic to your overall design and brand in the colors and tones they use. This will help ensure they sit most effectively with your existing design work.

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Always choose images that you think create the right impression of your business. If you are using an image of a doctor, choose a friendly-looking one. People automatically make associations between the pictures on your website and reality. While you don’t want to mislead people, this can be an effective way to create the right vibe around your business. If the people in your stock images look like sensible, level-headed professionals, it’s more likely your website will be interpreted in this way.

Finding suitable images to use for your website relies on having an understanding of what looks good in the first instance. Taste is personal, but good design is universal, and there are certain looks that will always be more effective than others. Have a look at other websites, including non-competing sites, and take stock of how they go about graphic design. The right design can easily increase your conversion rates considerably, so it is worth the extra effort.

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