How To Build Beautiful & Stunning Websites For Free

Have you ever made an website which is more beautiful and stunning? If your answer is No. Then don’t worry, We will teach you how to create them and use it for your personal and professional work. Well, Generally creating an website is not an easy task for everybody or not an kid’s game. It involves lots of coding and programming plus designing  the high class photoshop design(PSD) files that are to be done to make any website to look beautiful and user friendly, so that you can create more dynamic websites when comparing to static websites.

Steps To Create Beautiful & Stunning Website:

Step #1– First you need to visit this free website IMCreator where you can create your own website and click on the start button to start creating the website for you.

Free Website Builder

Step #2– Now in the next screen, you will get three options “choose a template”, ” start from blank”, “My Sites”.

Choose a template:- Click on this option and you will be taken to an webpage from where you can select various different varieties of beautiful & stunning templates under each category.

Start from Blank: If you’re not an beginner, and have some knowledge of website designing then you can choose this website and start designing your beautiful website according to your needs. Note that there’s no coding or programming involved in this process 🙂 So it will be really very easy for you to design an awesome website from an blank webpage.

My Sites: In this option, you can see the sites that you have created & saved once you’re an registered member of IMCreator. If you’re an member then you can easily view all the websites that created by you.

Now in the below screenshot you can see all the options that i have mentioned in the above lines. Just select “Choose a template” option to create the website in an easy way.

IM Creator - Start

Step #3- After clicking on “Choose a template” option, you will be taken to next web page where you can find lots of templates under different categories so that its easy for you to navigate the templates and choose the best template which has the theme or design of the site that you have imagined to create.

Builder - Load

Step #4- Select & choose the template whichever you like from the choose a template screen then, you need to customize it according to your needs & expectations which you had in your mind to make it beautiful and stunning website which is attracted by all your friends and family.


Step #5: Now after customizing the template design according to your needs and adding other stuffs like the number of pages and content you would like to have on your website.


Step #6: After the completion of the customization part of your website. You need to publish the website so that it is accessible for others and anyone from anywhere in the world can access your website once it is activated and perfectly hosted.


Once after publishing you’re website  it will not get your website live on the world wide web. You need to do these things to get your website up and live working on the world wide web(www).

1. Domain Registration.

2. Buy Web Hosting.

3. Map the domain to your Host Server.

4. After completing all these things you can assign or upload the design to your hosting provider and get you’re website live and working.

You can purchase these things Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Map this domain to your Server from the IMCreator website itself. So that it will reduce your time.

So now you’re ready to make your website go live, once all these things like Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Host Server are done using IMCreator. Than you can set your beautifully designed website live on the world wide web(internet) instantly.

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