How To Plan An Effective Website From Scratch

Planning is one of the most essential elements of preparing an online development project. New websites have an advantage – there are no expectations, rules or conventions hampering their design, their structure, or the way they present information. But in order to capitalize on this opportunity and build the most effective website from the start, it is crucial to have a solid plan in place for determining how your website will look and function once it is built. Even if you intend to develop the website yourself, the planning phase is one that should not be left out if you want your website to achieve your objectives.

There are a number of elements involved in successful website design. The visual identity and appearance of the site is perhaps one of the most significant, and visitors will judge your site and its appearance within seconds of their first visit. A more appealing-looking website will invariably benefit from a better conversion rate, and will help ensure you are viewed with more credibility.

Website From Scratch

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This includes not only the design of the page, but also the use of images, fonts and all other visual elements that make up your website. Plan how you want the website to look and how you want to structure its content. In consultation with an experienced developer, this can enable you to create a more effective foundation for your website to flourish.

The content is another factor, and arguably the most crucial of all. An ugly website can still perform well if it houses great content, and it is the content that draws users to most sites in the first place (rather than simply how it is presented). Plan your content ahead of time, and look to build resources that are of high quality. The more engaging content you can create, the more useful your website will be to online visitors. This means they will come back for more, share your content with friends and their networks, and maybe even buy from you in the best-case scenario.

While the content is crucial, so too is its organization. Navigation is critical to the user experience, and without due care and attention it is easy for any website to become confusing. The user experience is important if you want your site to succeed, and more logical, easy navigation helps ensure visitors can find the information they need. Thinking about these factors before the design and development stages are fully underway can help improve the end result.

Effective Website

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It is too easy to jump straight in when you are designing a website. In practice, planning your site, its content and its structures ahead of time allows you to approach a developer with more defined ideas. This can help make for a smoother flowing project, while ensuring you have covered every element of successful design ahead of drawing up your specification.

The planning stage is where a good website can become great. More effective thinking at the pre-development stage will lead to an easier design process, while giving you a head start in content creation and marketing.

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