How To Play WMV videos on Mac

Being an Mac user,sometimes i feel guilty as it doesn’t support the most common music and video files like MP3 songs and WMV videos.I did some Google search and came across one of the best WMV video converter software that is compatible with your Mac OS.So I have thought to share it with you by writing an blog post on how to play WMV videos on Mac OS.Some of the Mac users are still unaware that it doesn’t come with any media player software that can play Microsoft’s WMV videos in Mac OS X.Well that’s not a problem,There are so many software and video players that will make your Mac to play WMV videos without any hassle.

Convert WMV files to MP4 videos using Software:

AimerSoft WMV Video Converter for Mac can easily convert your WMV video files into Mac compatible MP4 videos.This software has the capability to convert WMV videos into other formats like MOV, MP4, M4V, etc.You can also use these files M4V, MKV, FLV, ASF, AVI, MPG, MTS, TS, etc in place of WMV videos this program is not only for WMV but for other video formats also.You can download the WMV converter software for Mac wmv on mac here.AimerSoft have provided step by step guide and tutorial to use this WMV converter software effectivily.Below are some of the screenshots of this software when installed in Mac OS.If you don’t like converting your WMV files to MP4 format then i also have a solution for it.


Some of the people don’t like converting their favorite WMV videos to MP4 format instead they go for some video player software that can directly play WMV videos in Mac OS X without the conversion of the video files.That’s really awesome right.Well,so i have thought to disclose the Best 3 WMV Video players for your Mac OS X.

 Here are the best 3 WMV players for Mac OS:

1. Windows Media Player for Mac

Its really great to see an Microsoft product which is available for Apple Macintosh to run the wmv video files without any problem on your Mac operating system.You can known more about it here.

2. Flip4Mac

Flip4Mac came into existence,When Microsoft stopped creating support for Windows Media Player for Mac and launched a new player named Flip4Mac which is associated with QuickTime and can play all your WMV videos. You can download Flip4Mac here

3. VLC media player

VLC has become one of the common video player used by millions in their day-to-day life to get the most out of the entertainment and there’s no doubt to call it best.This player can easily play all your favorite WMV video files on your Mac OS X.Get VLC media player here.

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