Laptop Insurance – Do You Really Need It?

I’m sure you’ve been to your local coffee shop recently and have seen how many people are sitting there busily typing away on their laptops. Hell, maybe you’ve been one of those people at one time or another. In this era of hyper-connectivity, it seems as if everyone has a laptop or tablet and a mobile phone on them at all times.  It almost seems as if we have to be “tapped in” to the network at all times.  Whether you are adjusting well to this new mode of being or not, you can’t deny that this has changed the way we, as humans operate in our complex society. But taking our electronic devices with us everywhere brings new risks along with it.

Insure Your Laptops, Ensure Peace of Mind

People often ask me, “I keep my laptop with me at all times. Do I really need laptop insurance?” Well, laptop theft is on the rise. In addition to that, you or your laptop could take an unexpected fall which could spell the end of your expensive device should it hit the ground with sufficient force. You might spill liquid on your laptop ruining the keyboard, or worse yet, your motherboard, these things happen. Even the most meticulous and careful laptop users can be victims of unfortunate accidents that could spell the end of their devices if they are unlucky. The risk of unfortunate events happening to your laptop will also keep on increasing as we develop more intricate and fragile mobile computing devices. There’s just no way around it.


But I’m Doing Just Fine Without It

While it’s true that the majority of laptop users will never need to make a claim on their insurance policy, this is never a guarantee. As I’ve already pointed out, the risk of theft and damage occurring to your laptop is constantly increasing. And as these devices become more intricate and complex it will take less to potentially cause permanent damage to your laptop and the costs of replacement and repair keep increasing as well. Remember, it takes only one accident occurring to pay back the cost of your insurance making the investment a worthy one in my opinion! Here is a list that I used to compare the best laptop insurance deals for consumers living in the U.K.

Yeah, technically you can probably get by just fine without insurance for your laptop. The risk that something will happen to your laptop, necessitating you to make a claim is relatively low, even today. However, as mobile technology progresses and laptops become more intricate, the risk of an accident ruining your laptop will increase and as laptops become more expensive the risk of theft will also increase as thieves have more incentive to steal your expensive laptop. I say why take the risk? I recommend all savvy laptop owners to invest in insurance from to make sure you are covered if the worst happens.

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