Looking Ahead: The Future of Satellite TV is Not as Far Off as we Think

The future of technology is quickly catching up to us, no matter where you turn. With so many new gadgets and access to information, it is hard to keep up with some time. Looking ahead to the new year in technology, there is much to get excited about. While Bitcoin is headed towards extinction, Apple and Nokia (yeah, they are still around) are expected to make some big announcements this year. A survey of 2,000 people came out with a general consensus that 2014 will be a big year in technology. The survey report also pointed out that “we live in exciting tech times, and with manufacturers constantly battling against each other to gain the ‘edge’ with certain products, it’s so hard to know what may be around the corner.”

Even satellite TV is keeping with the tech trends and making headway into the future. We’ve gone from the ancient days of playback capabilities to things like the “genie” that allow you to record up to 4 programs at any given time, on more than one device. Service providers are making it easier to find local stations with more package options for customers (e.g. people in Maine can customize a package to their favorite local listings at sites like   http://www.saveontvdirect.com/directv/maine/).

Looking Ahead- The Future of Satellite TV is not as far off as we thinkBut wait…there’s More.

Also introduced this year is yet another technology that betters the satellite TV experience. A California-based chip maker, Broadcom, is working to make TV even more intuitive and efficient than it has become in recent years with the release of new digital video broadcasting chips that will allow satellite TV providers deliver more high-def channels to viewers. The latest developments were introduced at this year’s CES trade show. An article in VenureBeat describes the technology as such: “The new satellite box chips are made to work with the advanced high-efficiency video codec (HEVC) standard” so that half the bandwidth is required to transfer high-quality video. And since we watch more HD TV, this type of technology will help to streamline how we consume content.

Customers Rejoice

Satellite TV is quickly catching up again to the fast-growing wired and wireless world we live in, with cutting-edge solutions such as this, that provide more efficient service for an increased number of users. Renters and landlords, this is even better news for you. Broadcom is also introducing new chips for the satellite dish that reduce the amount of wiring needed to connect your TV box with an outdoor dish unit. As many as 24 residents can access the TV programming coming into a single satellite dish for a building.

The best part about satellite TV anymore is not only its convenience but the ease in which we can search and browse through programs that fit our tastes and TV watching habits. As we look ahead to newer and better ways to access content, we look for ways to speed up delivery while increasing quality. There is no denying that our palette tends towards HD, which means satellite TV providers have to work towards getting more of that into our homes.

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