Mobile Apps to Get the Smartphone Newbie Started

People are always searching for the newest, innovative, user friendly app that enhances their life.  Technology is exciting, but lack luster apps keep users off the app market.

Smartphones allow users to have to access their bank accounts, listen to internet radio, play games, check the NFL scores, take advantage of great coupons, and improve their daily life.

Smartphones are supposed to revolutionize the way you interact and communicate on a daily basis. Don’t let the average mobile applications deter you from discovering these tools that will make your life better. The five mobile applications listed below will transform your life in ways you could never imagine.

#1- Pandora:-

This might be the most popular music app available on the market. You can download the free version or indulge in the premium edition. Most users find the free edition good enough for their use. If you’re not a fan of Pandora, then something might be wrong with you.

This internet radio app enables an easy listening environment for the person who doesn’t want to bother with constantly changing the song or building a playlist. The truth is that most people want to listen to good music without the hassle of creating a playlist. There’s no time for it between work, exercise, and social life.  Music has even shown to offer great health benefits.

With Pandora you have the ability to create your own stations based on a song, artist, or genre.  Once you start that station, Pandora saves it in your personal account and plays other songs that follow the same lines of your preferences.

A ton of users love this app due to its ability to lead them to new songs they never heard of. It is a pleasant surprise to find new songs without having to search for them.

The other great thing about music apps for your smartphone is the new sound technology available. Before people ignored using their smartphones for music players due to poor speakers, bad quality, and they relied solely on ipods or other portable music devices.

With the new and improved sound optimizers out there, you don’t have to bring your ipod to the gym every day. Forget about being forced into listening to talk radio in the early mornings when your smartphone allows for easy hookup to your car.

Mobile Apps

#2- Living Social

Do you want to save money while socializing?  Living Social focuses on encouraging people to stay social and save cash at the same time. It’s truly a remarkable concept and app that has grown like wild fire over the last few years.

When you access the app, you’ll have the chance to view countless daily or monthly deals that save you money on eating out, delivery food, tickets to concerts, comedy clubs, snorkeling adventures, vacation packages, and so on. The deals are endless.

It’s an amazing app that keeps people active. You’ll certainly feel more inclined to eat out when your ten dollars pays for twenty with a Living Social deal.

#3- Google Calendar

A smartphone without a Google calendar app is kind of ridiculous. Set up a Gmail account and make your life easier. Once you sync your Gmail account to the smartphone, any notifications, birthday reminders, business meetings, or anything you plug into that calendar will be accessible on your laptop or smartphone.

Google calendar really does make life easier. You won’t forget your brother’s birthday anymore.

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