Orange San Diego Android Smartphone

Can a change of name before its release do wonders at the market? If you are puzzled what we are talking about then we do not want to keep you puzzled any longer.Yes we were indeed talking about a new smartphone that has been unveiled.It was earlier named Santa Clara and now after the name change,it is San Diego.

The San Diego is an Android Smartphone and is a mid-range handset which is all set to be released on June 6 across the UK.It will be the first Intel-powered smartphone in Europe bringing innovation and high performance but also affordability.The price is €199.99 in Orange Shops,Orange telesales and Orange online on Orange Pay as you go when tepping up by €10.

Orange San Diego

The PAYG deal offers a free monthly allowance of 250MB of mobile data for 12 months.Alternative upto July 25 this year customers who take 24 month price plan from  €15.50 a month can get the handset free.That package includes 50 any network call minutes,50 texts,as well as 10oMB of mobile data a month.

Basic Features:

  • Faster browsing and processing speeds with a 1.6GHz Intel Processor.
  • 8MP camera that takes upto 10 photos a second
  • 16GB Internal Memory.

Glimpse At Other Features


The San Diego has a 4.03 inch capacitive display with resolution of 1024×600


There is 1080p video capture,image stabilization and HDMI out.


It runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbroad(hopefully with a 4.0 ICS update to come) with Orange apps.Dimensions are 123mm x 63mm x 9.9mm and it weighs 117g.


The users of San Diego will also benefit from the use of the T-Mobile network for calling, texting and high speed mobile internet access.They can also benefit Quick Tap Treats,the UK’s first mobile contactless retail award scheme,and discount on orange home broadband.There will also be quick link access from the San Diego home-screen to Orange Wednesdays,your Orange and Orange Gestures.

Does this sound like a smartphone that could suit you? Let us know with your comments 🙂

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This is a guest post contributed by Kate Boyd.She writes hundreds of tech and gadget related articles

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