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If you are fed up with the sites like Yahoo, Wiki answers etc because of spamming and worthless questions then I got something for you. A good question/answer which is concise, well designed, ads-free and up to the standards. It’s Qstacks.com. Really, they are going into the right direction right from their advent.

I have a keen eye on their performance from last 6 months (actually, I have registered myself with them) and of course, I am glad with their progress over a very short period. Question/answer communities appeals me a lot and that’s why I have tried almost each of the popular website available; but some have confusing navigation, some are full of spam and on some other sites there are only advertisements.


I feel relaxed while using Qstacks.com because there are limited numbers of users and moderators are very strict. Even, there aren’t any ads on the site as well. I liked there framed design; every widget is placed well, making it easy to use the site frequently.

Another thing is the standard of questions, however, there are not lots of questions but at least the questions they have are not just time pass. And the same is true for the answers; answers are to the point, concise and well conveyed. I think they are not primarily looking for increasing their size or user base; they just want to establish a true reputation on the web.

I am highly impressed with their tech questions. It’s like they have maintained a set standard – questions posted in this category are valuable for others as well. Actually, what’s make a community reputed are the users; if you have active and self motivated users along with qualified moderators then obviously your community becomes alive. I have seen lots of other websites hiring professional for posting content on their site. But I can firmly say that it’s not true in the case of Qstacks.com; I am speaking with my own experience.

Well, I haven’t gone deeply through on other categories but while having an overview I can say other categories too have good queries on their concerning niches. Other categories include General, Gadgets, Social Media, Web Designing & Programming, Computer & Networking and Gaming.

If you are a question/answer communities’ enthusiast then you should have an account there; it’s free. And try the things out by yourself. I am sure you will like their functionalities and the way of working. Apparently, you can do anything at Qstacks.com but not spamming. They are completely dedicated to keep the site clean from spammers.

And, yes they are hiring answer experts for answering the questions other users have posted on their website. If you wish to earn while answering then you must try it out. Just go to the site and click on “We are Hiring”; you will be redirected to the page where you can check out the details for earning as an answer expert – follow their instructions and start earning.

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