Railnation – Time To Create Your Own Train Strategy Game

Rail nation is a popular online game launched by Travian Games. This multiplayer strategy game involves transport simulation (railroad simulation), and comes free on the web browser. You can register yourself for free in few simple steps and start your own railway company. Though, you are free to spend some cash and upgrade to premium account and enjoy leverages and luxuries.

RailnationThe real time competition amongst gamers goes on for about 3 months through different eras. Each and every player strives to be triumph the server. Associations, friendly and challenger join the struggle together co-operating in harmony supporting each other. Contenders aspire to deliver and fulfill the demands in the city and grow quick. Contestants, who are able to accredit the highest points by investing in industries, delivering goods and upgrade station buildings is declared the winner. During the course of their 3 months players will compete in 6 different eras and the game can take any path in this span. There are many surprising elements that wait for you keenly during the journey.

  • The game is plotted around the cities visible on the map with 1708 industries in total.
  • An association can accommodate about 25 players at a time at max. Albeit, the players are free to play and participate individually.
  • About 500 Avatar graphics are there for you to choose and update your profile.
  • You are provided with 120 workers to bid on and play with it.
  • There are 113 types of engines to suit the different needs.
  • 11 station buildings with 294 upgrade levels in total -Restaurant for extra income and no prestige, lottery for surprises at daily draw, laboratory, Hotel, station area- Engine House, Construction Yard, Bank; goods and Engines for the different eras; License trade, research tree and New Engines are other amenities.

So what have you been waiting for? Lets start playing this awesome game browser games like Railnation here. Please do drop your experience and thoughts about this exciting game below in our comments section. We will try to bring you some more exciting games in our upcoming posts. Till then, stay tuned !

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