Recover Your Lost or Formatted Data From External USB Drive Using Recover My Files

We all know that external USB hard drive comes handy which is very easy to store our important data and information which is useful for many things from our personal to professional life and those secondary devices are simple to carry anywhere that easily fits our pockets or purses wherever we want to take them with us. Well, These external USB hard drives are very powerful and efficient in data storage, easy to maintain and available in any storage variants ranging between 1GB to 1TB and prices of these external USB drives are also affordable to common man when compared with big Hard Drives for systems.

Today external USB hard drives play an very vital role in our day-to-day life. The most crucial part of these external USB devices are that once you have unknowingly deleted or formatted your device then its very tough to get back those data and information which you have stored in it. But, you no need to worry we can get back those lost data and files 🙂 from that external USB hard drive which you may have lost or unknowingly formatted using recover my files application program you can get them back instantly.

The thing you need the most is a good and reliable data recovery software whenever you lose or format your hard drive or external usb hard drive by mistake. These days data and information has become very important part of our day-to-day life, so it has been quiet difficult to keep track of all the data and protect those data when its lost or formatted by mistake or unknowingly.

Recover My Files

Recover my files application program can easily recover your files from your external USB drive and also from your computer or laptop. This software recover my files was developed by GetData software company and released it in the year 2002 and still it remains on top as a firm leader against its competitors and rivals. Recover my files software is only available for windows operating system not for Mac operating system so you can choose according to your OS in your computer.

GetData has just released their latest verison Recover My Files v5 in the markets and it has received great response from the audience. Some of the key features of the new version v5 are Gallery View, Filtering, Validation, and Disk Imaging.

Before you start recovering your data which is lost or formatted form your external usb drive, its always better to check whether the device is physically in good condition or not to function.

Here are the simple steps to recover your files from External USB Drive:

#1. Just download the software from here and install it in your computer or laptop.

#2- Click on Recover Drive option and click Next button after software installation.

#3- In the next drive selection window, you can see Label, Size, FS, Type.

#4- If the drive you want to select is not listed here. Then, you need to check the status with Windows Disk Management whether the disk is functioning properly or not.

#5- Now select the external USB drive from which you want to recover your data and files from the drive selection window and click Next button.

#6-  After selection and clicking Next button, another Drive Recovery options window will appear with two options Automatic drive recovery and Drive recovery using selected file types.

#7- It is recommended to first select “Automatic drive recovery” option in this window. Only if your files has not be found from automatic drive recovery option then you need to select the file type in “Drive recovery using selected file types”.

#8- Now click Start button to initiate the process of search to find the missing or lost files after selecting the drive selection option which suites your needs.

#9- After your search has come to an end just select the files which you had lost or formatted by mistake in the Search Results window and save those files by selecting memory space required to save files. Now select Save File button and select the destination drive to save the recovered files but note that the recovered files must be stored in a different drive and click OK.

#10- Now review the recovered files in the destination folder to verify whether the files are saved or not. Once you have verified your lost files in the destination drive you have successfully done with the recovery of your files.

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