Some Of The Secrets Of German Roads – Bitumen Emulsion

Its quiet difficult to save and cut costs in the construction of roads where the quality of the materials plays a major role. As we can see, the construction of qualitative roads in the western countries costs more than the eastern countries. Just take this example, construction of a 1 km road in Germany costs around 3.9 million dollars which is highly expensive, whereas construction of the same 1 km road in Russia costs just around 1.3 million dollars and china 1.12 million dollars. The huge difference in costs exists between Germany and Russia because Germany uses multilayer pavement with support, drainage, damping levels and, in fact, extra-asphalt. While the same can be applied and done at much lower costs by using Bitumen emulsion. GlobeCore offers the services of bitumen emulsion and modified bitumen in road construction.

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