Serious employee monitoring with the help of a WhatsApp spy hack

A WhatsApp messenger has presented a totally new look to the way that people send and receive text messages from each other. Many employees prefer using a WhatsApp messenger to keep in constant contact with their co-workers. Being extremely easy to use with a minimal cost, employees love using this app. With most of your employees’ daily communications made through the WhatsApp messenger, if employers need to keep a close eye on the activities of their employees, then they must monitor their activities with a WhatsApp spy hack Xnspy.

03Why use Xnspy?
Using Xnspy is a really important thing for all businesses. This little spy app covers very little space inside your employee’s cell phone and updates you with all the data that is present inside their cell phone. Due to its secretive nature, Xnspy works unnoticeably in the background of your employee’s cell phone and does not even disclose about its presence to anyone at all.

Suitable phones:
Mobile phones running on iPhone and Android operating systems are fully compatible with Xnspy. iPhone models with iOS 6.0 and Android phones running on OS 2.3 or higher are pretty well suited with Xnspy. This includes all latest models from LG, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, Oppo, Lenovo and plenty of other renowned brands.

WhatsApp messages and text Messages:
All the pictures and videos shared by employees through the WhatsApp messenger are shown to employers with the help of this WhatsApp spy hack. Employers even get to see all the text messages that their employees have sent or received via the WhatsApp messenger.

Apart from this, all the SMS messages sent, received or even saved by your employees in their phones are shown to you with ease. The best part about this WhatsApp spy hack is that if any employee of yours deleted any WhatsApp text message or any SMS message from their smartphone, you will be able to view that message without any issues.

Geo Location and contact details:
The ‘Geo Location’ feature of Xnspy helps employers track down the exact location of their employees from anywhere in the world. This feature works with the help of the GPS navigator that is inside your employee’s mobile phone. Employers may even get complete details of all the contact numbers that are stored inside their employee’s cell phone.

04Geo Fencing:
Taking the concept of Geo location a step further, the ‘Geo Fencing feature of Xnspy allows you to mark areas on a map as either safe or dangerous. Once your employee enters any of those areas, or leaves any of those areas, you will be instantly alerted regarding this activity.

Leave your worries aside:
As an employer you have a lot of things on your mind at all times. Thinking about your employees means that you are putting extra burden on your shoulders which will never be recommended. A WhatsApp spy hack helps ease your nerves by keeping a real close eye on the activities of your employees from far away. Now you simply relax and leave all your worries to Xnspy.

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