The Coolest New Printing Technologies

Back in the day, it was incredible that you put press a button on your computer and a few minutes later have an image printed on a piece of paper. Printers revolutionized the way that humans use media, and technology is only getting better and better. Nowadays, there are some printers that make traditional printers look like the Gutenberg press.

In the last few years, new printing technologies have made the impossible possible, and truly redefined what printing is. It’s amazing how far printing technology has come, and it will be interesting to see what the future holds. From lenticular printing to 3D printing and more, check out this article to see what some of the new and exciting printing trends are and how they’ll soon be an everyday part of life.

3D Printing

3D printing has been around for a few years, but lately it’s surged in popularity. While it’s referred to as “printing” it actually is much more than just that, as the potential uses that 3D printing are wide reaching and could definitely change the world. 3D printing involves the creation of a three-dimensional object by using a digital model. This 3D object could take any size or shape, and could essentially be anything. The technology can be used to create tiny things like jewelry or toys, but it could also potentially create larger things like cars and even aerospace materials.

3D printing could potentially be used in the medical industry to save lives, and it could reduce the cost of manufacturing making certain things more affordable. It could change the way you purchase things, too. For example, you could go to the mall  with your kids, and instead of going to a toy store your kids could pick a toy out of a book and it would be printed in front of them. It’s technology that is sure to change the way things work.

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Lenticular Printing

Lenticular printing is another very cool printing technology that’s regained popularity lately for many reasons. Lenticular printing is a technology that creates printed images that have an illusion of depth, or that are able to change as they are viewed from different angles. Do you remember Cracker Jack prizes? Lenticular printing was used in a lot of those to create illusions on the graphics.

Lenticular printing has become popular again, and one of the reasons why is because it’s a great marketing tactic. People are using lenticular technology on business cards and posters to really stand out amongst the competition.

4D Printing

Now that 3D printing is something that’s taken off, forward looking thinkers are now looking at 4D printing. Essentially what 4D printing plans to do is take 3D printing a step further, and allow the things that you’re printing to assemble themselves.

The 4D printing model means less manpower to assemble things like furniture or bikes, and essentially cuts out a step in the entire process. It will make 3D printing even more popular than it currently is, and will no doubt change the way manufacturing is created.

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