Three Important Reasons To Choose VPS Hosting Over Shared Hosting

First let me tell you What is Shared Hosting and VPS? And their importance for the webmasters and website owners.Virtual Private Server was brought into action when the online industry started to grow enormously to new level with more extra added features and new latest technologies.In shared hosting,you’re hosted on a single server with thousands of other websites using the same resources offered to you.Virtual private server(VPS) is virtually a machine which doesn’t seem to exist but still it exists.

Most of the webmasters and website owners were using Shared Hosting before the arrival of VPS Server hosting.After the arrival of VPS,many popular website owners and webmasters started to switch over their hosting from shared to virtual private server due to downtime and bandwidth issues.The main cause of the shared hosting to virtual private server(vps) hosting migration was whenever an user on the shared hosting uses very high resource than the allocated resource to him then it will affect the other users whose websites are hosted on the same shared hosting with downtime of his website who.

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Here are the 3 important reasons to choose VPS over shared hosting:

#1-Resource & Uptime:

The common problem that everyone faces in shared hosting is downtime due to less availability of resource.In shared hosting,the resources allocated to you may be used by the other user who is hosted on the same shared server which will lead to your website going down but when you goto VPS you cannot find anyone using your resources so that your website is not affected. Virtual Private Server(VPS) is a hosting service that provides extra resources only for you but where as shared hosting provides for all who are hosted on the same server.

#2-Disk Space & Bandwidth:

Next thing that one must keep in mind is that many web hosting companies don’t give the exact amount of disk space and bandwidth as they promise to deliver in their shared hosting plans.In VPS,you’re given an virtual machine which acts an server and your the sole owner of that server none can use its resources and services.One of the biggest advantage of virtual private server is each VPS is a separate computer which allows you to install and run any operating system and software on your own virtual private server(vps) but were as shared hosting doesn’t allow this feature.

The speed and reliability of the virtual private server(VPS) hosting is not as best as that of a dedicated server,but it is much better than shared hosting.The main drawback of shared hosting is that thousands of websites are hosted on a single server and they will have to share the server’s resources like disk space,bandwidth,processor,operating system and so on.This is why shared hosting is not recommended by all whereas VPS is one of the best solutions to look after shared hosting.

#3-Security & Affordable Cost

When choosing web hosting the main thing comes to our mind is how secure is our web host? one of the main tasks of any type of hosting is to provide best security to website.In shared hosting,a single malware can damage the entire systems and all those webistes which are hosted on that single server.Here you can see though the malware was not in your website but due to others you are affected this leads to downtime.Whereas VPS offers the best security when comparing to shared but not that comparable to dedicated servers still its better to choose VPS than others.Though shared hosting comes for cheap price but when compared to VPS its still not worthy for the cheap cost.Though VPS is bit costly than shared hosting but it is worthy and affordable if you get VPS Hosting from Copa  for your business.Finally i would like to conclude by saying that what you get is what you pay for.

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