Top 3 Wearable Gadgets of 2014

Samsung Smart Gear Bracelet Fit

After confirming Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo models , the Samsung revealed a few moments, during MWC 2014 , plus a new wearable product. This is the strap Gear Fit, quite similar to smart watches device, but with a sportier look.

The device has a Super AMOLED first of its kind in a wearable device screen 1.84 inch curve. The resolution is 432×128 pixels. The bracelet Gear Fit weighs only 27 grams and battery with a capacity of 210 mAh, resists, according to the company, at least 3 days with moderate use.

The device is completely integrated with the Galaxy line of Smartphones – no compatibility for at least 15 models. If you don’t have Galaxy smartphone, get it from OLX Bangladesh. It also has a sensor to measure heart rate. The results can be checked on the screen or sent to the Smartphone. The device will be available in stores from April, in black, orange and gray. The final price has not been confirmed.

Google Glass

Google glass, the most awaited gadget is a stylish wearable glasses from Google. This is not an extension of smartphone or tablet but Google Glass, itself is a new technology designed to perform day to day task without moving your hands.  Video Recording, take picture, GPS navigation, read and send messages, search on google (ask question), Sharing files, Translate voice are few of the features on new gadget and guess what? All you can do with just a voice command “OK Google!”.

Storage capacity of the device is 16 GB, 12 GB usuable and is charged through USB cable. Not sure about battery backup. It comes 5 MP camera and 4 different types of stylish frames.

Sony Smart Eyeglass

It seems that Sony already has an accessory to compete with Google Glass. Titled SmartEyeglass, it was shown during the Mobile World Congress, but is still in the conceptual stage.

Some examples of how it can work have already been taken. One possibility would be to show directions while walking in an airport. You could also use it to show the names of players when watching a football match in a stadium.

The accessory also provides support for reading messages, notifies you of incoming calls and missed and take pictures.  However, unlike Google Glass, you need to use a wired controller to navigate menus and control the camera glasses.

Sony is currently working on a development kit for it to be built similarly to what was seen in the Sony SmartWatch 2.

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