The Top 5 Free Windows Phone Apps

Along with the leading mobile operating systems like Android and IOS, Windows has made its mark with the ultimate releases of their Windows Smartphone versions with Nokia.So we have brought you the Top 5 Free Windows Phone Apps for your smartphone.Windows has given tough competition to IOS and Android OS with its GUI and collection of Apps and Games. As in IOS and Android, we can download and use the Apps and Games from the Windows marketplace.

Windows App Store

The Windows marketplace is referred as “The marketplace ” where you can browse the apps required. Wherein selecting from a list of millions of available apps and games such as in IOS and Android marketplace (playstore). In terms of games IOS has been the first choice of the game freaks as its user interface is incredible, but android and Windows has also been serious competition. Here we have enclosed a few of the top free games for Windows Smartphone’s available in the market.


Pipes is the best puzzler game to have in a snap, like when you are standing in a queue or waiting for someone. The game’s objective is to make sure that all tubes are connected forming a close circuit, making an access to all the little blue nodes. Water should flow through the structure formed by the closed circuit and you win the game to the advance to the next level. Pipes offers you multiple difficulties levels and you can choose any of the following: very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard and insane.

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Chickens can’t Fly

Chickens can’t fly is another fun game offered in Windows mobile. This game allows you to research about chicken’s capabilities along with a few scientists. This game is played in a laboratory where you have to conduct 50 experiments with various breeds and check with every chicken behavior. This game can be played online to get new levels every week.

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Chain Reaction

Chain reaction is a count on dot basis game. Here you have to touch on the white dots visible on the screen. On each contact to the dot will result in a explosion you have to do such consequent explosions. The main goal of the game is to ignite at least 50 balls at one hit on the screen providing the explosion.

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Call of Carols

Call of Carols is an action game. It is really addictive. In this game, Carols is a Mexican guy who looks for a valuable diamond and gets stuck at the bottom of the shaft. At the time, huge lava emerges from it where he tries to escape at the time. So, the challenge here is to help carol to escape from the mine with the diamond where in you have given axe as only the weapon to be used.

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Feed Me Oil

Feed me oil is similar to a pipes concept wherein you have to establish a connection to a stranger who is in thirst. This game has different difficulty levels. It’s a wonderful and must play game as it requires little mental ability to roll on which makes it interesting.

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