Top 5 iPhone Accessories That You Need Immediately

Having an iPhone of your own is like a dream coming true. An iPhone is a great gadget with multiple functions and gorgeous appearance. You can improve the functions of the gadget with some add-ons, and that will make it even more inseparable from you.

Here is a quick list of iPhone accessories that can add so much to your favorite companion:

  • The iPhone case – An iPhone is a costly affair so when you buy one, you should ensure its safety first. An iPhone Case can be really helpful to keep your iPhone safe from many disasters. The screen of the iPhone is very sensitive, and a little scratch can just destroy the beauty of this sleek gadget. So as early as you get your iPhone on hand buy a proper case and screen protector for it.
  • Speakers – The sound quality of the iPhone series is just unquestionable. It can compete with any good quality sound system when it comes to the quality of the music you play on it. Adding your iPhone with some nice speakers can be a great idea to improve its functionality and to play music really loud. There are different types of speakers available in the market, the cute portable ones and the larger ones, as well.
  • Ear pods and head phones – The recently launched ear pods are much more technically advanced than the ear buds, these add-ons provide richer and deeper sound quality and also fits better on your ear. The headphones from big brands can be an essential accessory to complete your set and enjoy the whole features of your iPhone.
  • Armband – This is a very interesting accessory specially designed for the iPhone range. You can fix your iPhone in the band and wear it on your wrist while exercising, or going out in your bike. This band ensures that your iPhone is safely attached to your hands, and you don’t drop it anyway even when you are riding your bike.
  • Pin- adaptor – This accessory can prove very useful if you are using the latest model of iPhone that is the iPhone 5. The docking port of the iPhone 5 is quite different from its predecessors. This port is particularly termed as lighting. This is much smaller than the previous ones. So if, you wish to use the cables and accessories that you already have, you need a 30 pin adaptor; that can be used to attach the cords and accessories to the lightning port of the iPhone 5.

Before you buy some new accessories for your iPhone take care to confirm that the accessory is particularly made for the version of iPhone you are using, and it has been previously tested with that particular version. While buying the case and the screen protector take the best care about the quality of the products. A medium quality protector cannot be able to provide full protection to your iPhone in case of accidents. A waterproof case can be very suitable. Keep one thing in mind, iPhone is a costly and excellent electronic gadget, so whatever accessory you choose, it should justify the standard.

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