Top 5 Off Page SEO Strategies to have Better Search Engine Rankings

Just like On page SEO, Off page SEO is also important to have good search engine rankings for your blog or site. You can’t hold your site on page one of Google without Off page SEO. No doubt that quality content is the best way to get noticed but without Off page SEO your well written unique content will not get proper exposure which it deserves.

The main thing to consider about Off page SEO is that tactics that were working a year ago are now not in use especially after the Penguin update. Even those old fashioned Off page strategies can make your site penalized by Google. In this article you will get Top 5 Off page SEO strategies that will help you to get better search engine rankings in this Penguin era.

Guest Blogging on Good Blogs:

Guest blogging is the best way to grab authoritative backlinks to your blog/site. Now bloggers and webmasters are using guest blogging for not only to have backlinks but they are also looking to have targeted traffic by it. Guest blogging is a great way to get better search engine rankings by guest posting on relevant and well ranked sites. There are many blogs available which allows you to use your keyword as anchor text in the author bio, it will help you to better ranking for that particular keyword.

Forum Posting:

Forum posting is an easy and great way to start your Off page seo campaign. By this you can establish yourself as an expert by answering queries of other’s questions. By forum posting you can get some easy and quality links to your site in almost no time. All you need to consider is don’t spam everywhere. If you want to have better results from your off page seo campaign, then avoid spamming.

Dofollow Blog Commenting:

Just like forum posting, blog commenting is an easy way to get good quality links to your site/blog. Make sure you don’t spam other’s blog just for the sake of backlinks. Avoid commenting on irrelevant niche blogs. By blog commenting you will not only get better search engine rankings but you will also be able to build relationship with blog owners and other commentators.

Article Submission:

Article submission is now not effective as it used to be but still it is a recommended method to build quality backlinks to have better search engine rankings. There are many reputable article directories like Articlebase,  Goarticles, Amazine, Ezinearticles etc by which you can have quality backlinks to your site/blog.

Social Networking and Bookmarking:

Inclusion of social media exposure in search engine’s algorithm has increased the importance of Social networking and bookmarking. Social media sites are the best way to promote your site online. You will get traffic as well as links to your site by which you can have better search engine rankings. Social media sites will also help you to build a community around your site/blog.

These were some off page SEO strategies I am using to rank my site higher in search engines. What methods are you using to get better search engine rankings, share via leaving a comment.

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