So You Want To Upgrade Your Macbook Air?

The Macbook Air was officially launched in January 2008 and was hailed at the time as being the thinnest notebook in the world. Since then it has undergone a number of improvements, making it faster and lighter with improved performance, screen resolution and battery life.

Macbook Air or Ultrabook?
The Ultrabook was developed from an initiative by Intel who encouraged a number of PC manufacturers to tackle the supremacy of the Macbook Air head-on. The Ultrabook has a number of similar features to the Macbook Air, being incredibly thin and lightweight, aided in both cases by a lack of removable media and Ethernet ports.

Although the Ultrabook has its followers, the Macbook Air continues to dominate the field with its sleek styling and intuitive interface. The beauty of all Mac products is that the company which develops and manufactures the hardware is also responsible for the design and development of all the software. This completely eliminates the software conflicts which so often occur on PC products. The Mac Operating System is also far less vulnerable to attacks, hijacks and hacks than its PC counterparts.

Apple MacBook Air

In addition, the Macbook Air integrates seamlessly with all other Apple devices meaning that when you update a contact on your iPhone, it automatically updates that same contact on your notebook too. No wonder those wanting to sell their old Macbook Air computers can pretty much guarantee to receive a very fair price in exchange.

How to upgrade?
If you happen to be lucky enough to be in possession of a Macbook Air already, then the chances are that you are more than satisfied with its performance. Users always comment extremely favourably on the machine’s intuitive touch-pad interface which recognises a wide variety of taps and strokes, all of which are quick and easy to master.

The very latest 2013 Macbook Air is available in two screen sizes and boasts improved graphics, faster operating speeds and a longer battery life. However, anyone who has bought a Macbook Air in the past couple of years would probably not notice a significant enough improvement to warrant the expense of upgrading so soon after their initial purchase. Owners of older models might want to consider the improved model, depending upon their usage and requirements.

The owner of any Macbook Air can relax in the knowledge that they own a coveted piece of kit, even if it is a few years old. There are people out there who crave ownership of one of these iconic notebooks, even if is somewhat out of date.

If you are upgrading, there are part-exchange deals which will give you a generous discount against purchase of a more up-to-date model, but this is probably the least profitable way to sell your old machine. You will get a better return through a private sale so try word-of-mouth advertising through friends and relatives, or for minimum expenditure, you could try local advertising through newsagents and supermarkets or even your local classified advertising.

You could also try selling your current model through online auction sites or try one of the online companies specialising in selling unwanted technology.

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