Why SEO Needs Great Content

Search engine optimization has come a long way since the days of link farms and keyword stuffing. Murkier link-building techniques are becoming a thing of the past, and greater sophistication in Google’s ranking algorithm is shifting the emphasis squarely to great content marketing.

At the core of the new SEO, engaging, high-quality content is now essential for any website to cut it. The new model for optimizing for Google has a more distinct PR flavor, and it is now the quality of links that matters (over raw quantity).

At the same time, over-optimization has been penalized more heavily in recent updates, making it more important than ever to appear natural in the struggle for fresh links. The obvious link-building strategies every SEO has used for years are no longer good enough, and website owners that fall short are noticing their long-held rankings slip away.

The new-look SEO relies not on the power and velocity of link building, but on the quality of the content that carries the link. While the links still provide the raw SEO juice, they now need quality, meaningful content as a wrap-around to give them prominence and earn them a place on the sites that carry them.


Link-building efforts are rapidly becoming more like traditional PR. Similar to the logic of the press release, it is now about creating digital content for others to use and reference. Collaborations with other website owners, bloggers and social media all depend on achieving a minimum quality and relevancy standard in the content you create. In this framework, the best quality content wins hands down.

The more interesting and relevant your content is, the more likely you’ll see positive SEO results as a consequence. If content is worth reading, more people will reference and share it, and publishers will be more inclined to feature you.

Google have shaped their entire approach around this concept in recent years. As the old guard of SEO tactics have been replaced one by one, website owners now need to start writing great content to achieve any traction in the search engines.

Companies like Yodle are helping businesses adapt to this new approach. Yodle reviews suggest that businesses are using the local web to good effect, but in order to gain a further edge on the competition, great content is now a prerequisite. Whether it’s for links from local press, or for quality in-content links from authority sites, the value of your content is now more closely correlated to the success of your SEO campaign.

Andrew Boulton of The Drum said SEO “meant nothing” without engaging, high-quality content. “SEO is a fluid concept in an incredibly dynamic field, but one constant is that the intelligent use of the right terms and phrases that speaks to your audience, rather than unerringly about how brilliant you are, will give you the platform of quality content you need to stand out in a universe of messages.”

Analysts expect Google’s ever-shifting algorithm to continue to change towards content quality and placement. The next major algorithm update is expected in the coming month.

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